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Stjepan Hauser is a Croatian cellist and half of the group 2Cellos, which is known for its covers of popular rock songs. I was blown away by this book. After reading it, I became aware that people are wearing so many different masks in life and on social media. Very often people are obsessed with what others think of them. Performers have to be showmen and present themselves in a way people expect. But I actually feel more comfortable onstage than offstage. Everything I do just comes naturally. And I love the Croatian singer Oliver.

2Cellos: Score [Deluxe Edition] [CD/DVD]

Their playing style is uniquely diverse, ranging from classical and film music to pop and rock. Sulic and Hauser have both played the cello since childhood, and they met at a master class in Croatia while still in their teens. The YouTube video went viral, receiving over three million views in the first two weeks, and over eighteen million views as of May After this huge achievement, Luka and Stjepen got a record deal with Sony Masterworks and an invitation to join Sir Elton John on his worldwide tour.

Title: Concerto for 2 Cellos. Composition date: Duration: 23′. Availability: Louisiana State University Library. Remarks: Dedicated to cellists David Teie and​.

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2CELLOS Biography – Facts, Family, Childhood & Achievements

They are popular for playing instrumental renditions of famous pop and rock songs. They have also performed instrumental songs of films and classical music. Moreover, they have taken the cello to the next level and this is one of the reasons for their success.

iTunes: Amazon: 2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser playing their.

After seeing a Dunn-made copy of a Hauser guitar, he fell in love with the shape and focused strictly on classical guitar building for four years. Most famous Composers from Hungary has gotten views and has gathered votes from voters. She began violin studies at age 8 and was a member of the Greater Miami Youth Symphony, where she is currently on the board.

Enjoy your encounter with Hauser and his talent and explore other cds available. Search years from to today for obits, ancestry info. His mother plays percussion. Not only is he a master musician he has many other ways to show how talented he is. Born in Croatia. Composer Leonard Cohen. During the current pandemic, we are all finding ways to respond to the new reality of our constrained lives. Credit for some images below: Danielle West. The Internet was crucial for our success.

The rapper’s wife Shante Broadus announced the death of their. This concerto is one of the most popular cello concertos today and thus we have a wealth of options as to who is the cellist performing this masterpiece.

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2Cellos is a musical duo consisting of Slovenian Luka Šulić and Croatian Stjepan Hauser has been dating popular Croatian pop singer dünyanın pek çok.

These two classically trained Croatians have put the cello back on the map as a much-desired instrument to learn. After that, Stjepan Hauser will focus on a solo career, while Luka will devote his time to his wife Tamara and son Val. The violin was owned in the 19th century first by Belgian violinist and composer Henri Vieuxtemps and then by Hungarian violinist Miska Hauser. This concerto is one of the most popular cello concertos today and thus we have a wealth of options as to who is the cellist performing this masterpiece.

Composers: Performers: Stjepan Hauser tour dates Stjepan Hauser is currently touring across 1 country and has 2 upcoming concerts. Governments world-wide are making different decisions in real time and we are taking steps to deal with this as it happens. Croatian cellist Stjepan Hauser was born into a musical family in the city of Pula, where he began his formal education. Want to see Hauser in concert?

Hauser was born January 22, in New Have “My wife and I have been Hauser customers for over 10 years and are very satisfied with both their products and their service. Cellist Stjepan Hauser is best known as half of the international classical crossover sensation 2Cellos, alongside Luka Sulic.

2Cellos to End? Stjepan Hauser Announces Break

Known best for his membership in the Croatian classical music duo 2Cellos, this acclaimed cellist also belonged to a cello, piano, and violin group known as the Greenwich Trio. After a dozen national and international awards in classical genre, since with Stjepan Radic was born to a large and poor peasant family in the small village of Trebarjevo Desno about thirty miles southeast of Zagreb on June 11, I am proud of myself as far as that is concerned Member of the famous duo 2Cellos, year-old Croatian national Stjepan Hauser, has shared the video with his , followers receiving a total of over , views so far.

The fourth studio album by the cello duo of Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, Score takes on favorites of the big and small screens, dating back as far as the ’60s.

It is this song, in their two-cello arrangement, that made them overnight YouTube sensations and earned them a record deal with Sony. The track sums up their style: highly charged, virtuosic covers of pop and rock favourites by Sting, Nirvana and Coldplay, to name a few. Support independent journalism. Subscribe now. With its tragic story involving distrust of migrants, West Side Story seems more relevant than ever, says Jo Litson, as Opera Australia prepares to stage not one but two productions.

The Hungarian pianist and Internet star, who held a Guinness World Record for fast fingers, talks about Michael Jackson and the parallels between making music and making food. For one half of the 2Cellos duo there are only two kinds of music: good and bad. With opera companies more and more regularly dazzled by the lights of Broadway, we investigate the seemingly irresistible rise of musical theatre. One half of super-duo 2Cellos reveals the story behind the rise and rise of the rock star cellists.

The Sydney-based composer and arranger on translating the much-loved Australian film for the stage. Aussie musician launches first of its kind online platform for instruments looking for love. Opera singer to slug it out with the other Dames as she plays…well, an opera singer.

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Is hauser married. Who are the people associated with Janet J Hauser based on her place of work or residence? I married Stjepan Hauser’s latest debut album Hauser Classic was released on 7 February , in which he plays alongside the London Symphony Orchestra. Having descended from a long line of moviemakers, Hauser was destined to have a career in the world of cinema.

Born in Pula, Croatia, to a musical family — his mother was a percussionist — Hauser went on to study in Zagreb, London and eventually the United States. I remember being damn spooked by the case of Kaspar Hauser when I was a tiny little kid reading supernatural fact books put out by Terry Deary – like I genuinely began believing he was a time traveller and began frightening myself with the endless possibilities of some sort of mean time travelling conglomerate good time to mention I was also shown the X Files WAY TOO YOUNG The divorce attorneys at Throne and Hauser can be aggressive when they need to be for a favorable outcome for your divorce.

2Cellos to star in the hit TV series’ Michael Jackson special. 2Cellos, the young Croatian duo who toured Australia with Elton Johnlast year, have scored a cameo on Online dating agency will help lonely musical instruments.

Welcome to Throwback Tunesday , where Mashable amplifies the echoes of music past. With genre trends and throwbacks, we synthesize music and nostalgia. They’re more than just a pair of pals playing some cello — they create a modern day mashup of boundary-breaking rock, pop and classical music. And, you can’t fully appreciate the talent that Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser bring to the table until you’ve watched them perform, either in one of their YouTube videos , which have accumulated tens of millions of views, or in-person which we highly suggest you do.

Since then, they’ve released three albums, have gone on tour with Sir Elton John, appeared on shows like Glee , Ellen , The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Today show and, as of this week, performed live at Mashable’s office. And we can tell you firsthand that these cellists know how to rock. After their sweat-inducing, bow-destroying performances of some classic rock ballads — “Thunderstruck,” “Welcome to the Jungle” and “Smells like Teen Spirit” — Sulic and Hauser sat down with Mashable to talk about their process, inspiration and the incredible journey thus far.

Stjepan: I heard it on the radio when I was little, and the sound was so warm, so magical. I fell in love immediately.


His mainstream success began when he decided to join forces with his friend and a former cello rival Stjepan Hauser. Within just a few weeks, their video went viral, receiving over 7 million views. This was the first time that an instrumental duo had performed on the show in a guest spot. He released an album Vivaldi: 4 Seasons which peaked at 1 in November

2Cellos to End? Stjepan Hauser Announces Break. stepan hauser. His birth sign is Gemini and his life path number is 9. Ses nombreuses.

Sign in Register Wishlist 0. Product Description. Product Details. Performer Notes. The fourth studio album by the cello duo of Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, Score takes on favorites of the big and small screens, dating back as far as the ’60s for Henry Mancini’s “Moon River. Score became the project’s third Billboard classical number one.

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