Lighting up History: Dunhill Model A ‘Sports’ Lighter (ca. 1924)

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The Dunhill Petrol Lighter. Foreward by Richard Dunhill. Introduction by Luciano Bottoni.

It is stamped “dunhill” “made in switzerland” and “us re or “. It measures

Anything with a patent number or serial number is in the 70’s or later. It is not recommended to disassemble yourself but if you keep the bank in tact and just unscrew it from the case, you’re fine. They are authorized Dunhill repair people, and can answer and advise in all Dunhill matters. I cannot say but the Dunhill brand is a highly sought after one. If your lighter is silver, possible as much as a hundred bucks.

In Dr. It is a much better looking lighter than the Mk1, and they are very hard to find. There’s a little metal splint in the nozzle of the lighter, where the gas comes out. It is oushed in when you close the cap to prevent gas from floating out. This little splint is most likely jammed. Just saw one Dunhill “Baby Sylph” , ca 23×18 mm worth about Us dollar. I have one made of gold plated brass,worth about the same amount.

The Dunhill Petrol Lighter. A ‘Unique’ Story by Davide Blei & Luciano Bottoni

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A boxed Dunhill-style enamelled lighter, model no. In Antiques & Collectors’ Items with Oriental & A.. Auction Date: GMT. Hammer Price:​.

Alfred Dunhill Pipes This is a work in progress. Please feel free to contribute if you are a Dunhill expert or knowledgeable enthusiast. For the everyday smoke what more is there to say than this, that it is, in its essence the Pipe of Peace? This idea we find embodied in the folklore of simple peoples one example of which is the story taken down by Mr.

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It is generally comprised of two or three letters followed by four numbers. As for the letter representing the month and the number representing the year, I have only come across tins that seem to suggest the system is correct. Ligne 1 large hold the most fuel out of any dupont pocket lighter, and are one of my favorites, but because they can often be very old even models with the newer style flame valve could be over 30 years old now , and their red refill valve tends to go before the yellow valve of the ligne 1 small, they often need repairs.

The serial number and model number are also available there. It may have been refilled just prior to being photographed, while the average slow leak might take 24 hours or more before it’s fully drained.

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Manufacturers – England. Dunhill Broadboy. Made in: England. Year: pat. Material: silver plated brass, silver, gold. Fuel: petrol. Dunhill Rollalite 14 K gold jacket. Made in : England, Switzerland, U. Year: patented Material: 14K gold, mechanism of other metal. Fuel: Petrol. Mechanism: striking wheel with roller on the side of the lighter, horizontally situated flint.

How to Date a Rollagas Dunhill Lighter

Dunhill is a UK-based maker of upper-end products such as menswear, timepieces, leather goods, pens and cufflinks, many of which have appeared in James Bond stories and movies. The Rollagas lighter, introduced in , was Dunhill’s first butane lighter; it employed Dunhill’s thumb-roller design, which replaced the traditional flint wheel. Each Rollagas comes with a serial number that includes the date of manufacture. However, because the Dunhill company doesn’t make its serial-number-deciphering method public, if you want to date your Rollagas, you’ll have to contact customer service.

Look for a serial number on the bottom of your Rollagas lighter. If the number is there, the lighter was made in the s or later.

LOT OF 3 ZIPPO REGULAR SIZE LIGHTERS LIGHTER date codes Collezionismo, How to Date a Rollagas Dunhill Lighter By Tad Cronn.

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Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. This vintage Dunhill Unique 9K lighter belonged to my Mother in Law’s grandfather, and we were trying to find out more about it. This board deals mostly in jewelry; I’d try the Antiques board with a piece like this. As far as the mongramming goes, I’d say it would be fairly common for something as expensive as this was originally.

Dunhills were never cheap.

I will give away dunhill limited numbers, lighter: dunhill rollagas lighter in original case with a british luxury goods made in usa. Manufacturer: looking to promote.

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Each rollagas comes with a serial number that includes the lighter in dunhill has produced just one of objects to date added. It the free company information haven’t really given.

1970s Dunhill Silver-Plated ‘Rollagas’ Lighter

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. If you are looking for a vintage Dunhill lighter to add to your collection, eBay has a large selection of affordable models for sale. Before you make your purchase, there are some things to know about Dunhill lighters that might help you make your final selection. The styles that eBay has for sale include the Dunhill Rollalite cigarette lighter, which is a handheld pocket lighter with a ribbed case, and the Rollalite, which is available in a gold-tone or silver-tone finish.

Varieties of Dunhill pocket or handheld lighters include a Sylphide lift-arm lighter, a sterling silver Dunhill Unique sports lift-arm lighter, a Dunhill gold lighter, and a Dunhill watch lighter. You might also find a rare green Shagreen Sharkskin lighter, a Swiss gold-plated Rollagas handheld lighter, a Dunhill gas lighter with a Florentine pattern, or a rare solid silver Shanghai pocket lighter with a dragon engraving.

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Dunhill Rollagas Lighter Review